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Ceramic Decals

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On-Glaze Decals

This is one of the mid-low temperature glaze types, which is also the most commonly used ceramic decals to present the widest color platte. The firing temperature ranges from 800℃ to 900℃.

In-Glaze Decals

Firing temperature at around 1100℃ to 1200℃. The in-glaze decals sinks into the ceramics to provide higher resistance.

Under-Glaze Decals

Directly applied onto the bisques and fired once to harden. Then the glaze is applied onto the products and fired again to seal the decals.

Metallic-Effect Decals

Similar to On-Glaze decals with the imitation of metallic effect without actually using expensive precious metal glazes.

Embossed Decals

Embossed decals are printed with special techniques to show the embossed, 3-dimensional effects instead of flat prints to emphasis partial details of the design on the decals.

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