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Shin Tay Yuan Transfer Printing Co., Ltd. More about us

Shin Tay Yuan is the first transfer paper printing company in Yingge District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. And it is one of the largest leading transfer printing paper suppliers in Southeast Asia. The company established in 1967 to serve the world famous local ceramics market is now known throughout the world for its expert knowledge in screen printing techniques for ceramic ware, glassware, and enamelware. Employing an expert team of screen printers and art designers, Shin Tay Yuan is able to provide the solution for all your decoration needs. Shin Tay Yuan always strives to provide the highest quality, fast turnover, and customer satisfaction for our clients.

Our Services

Ceramic Decals

Ceramic Decals

Firing temperature at around 1100℃ to 1200℃
Metallic-Effect Decals

Metallic-Effect Decals

Similar to On-Glaze decals with the imitation of metallic effect
Glass Decals

Glass Decals

Fired at 550℃ to 640℃ to ensure that the design retains its quality appearance
Low-Temperature Organic Decals

Low-Temperature Organic Decals

Fired at 150℃to 180℃, applicable to various surfaces such as: glasses, ceramics, enamels, and metals.
Memorial Photos

Memorial Photos

We Provide Customized Memorial Photo Plaques For Your Beloved Ones
Decoration Service

Decoration Service

We provides full decoration services for both high and low temperatures decals and objects

How to Order Decals

Obtain Customer's Inquiry

1. Obtain Customer's Inquiry

Prepare for Quotation

2. Prepare for Quotation

Agreement Signe

3. Agreement Signed

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No. 600, Jianguo Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City, 239 Taiwan (R.O.C.)