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Q: What should I provide?
A: Minimum 300PI original file in PSD, AI, or PDF format. Or you'd also original artwork to us.
Q: Would I be getting a sample before mass production?
A: Certainly. There will be sampling and shipping costs depending on the number of colors and complexity of the design. It usually takes 7 business days for sample.
Q: What's the difference between your transfer and ink-jet printing or heat-release transfers?
A: Both ink-jet printing and heat-release transfers would fade and are easily scratched through wear-and-tear. There are also concerns regarding food-safety with these two types of transfers. Our screen-printing transfers must be fired at least 800°C to ensure that the glaze is fuzed into the objects so that they are permanent, and scratch-resistant.
Q: Are the inks used food safe?
A: We use lead-free glaze on our transfers, which complies to MSDS standard.
Q: How long is the lead-time after sample is approved?
A: Depending on the size, complexity and number of colors of the design. For transfer paper less than 10,000 sheets, it'd usually take 14 business days.
Q: How do you provide samples if I'm not able to provide the actual object for transfer application?
A: Due to the flexibility of the transfers, we cannot guarantee that the transfers will fit 100% onto the objects during water-slide application. Please provide as much information on dimension as possible.

Please feel free to contact us via email or inquiry form if you have any other concerns or inquiries. Thank you.

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